Monday, 28 September 2009

homepage idea

So i have been thinking about setting up my own website and coming up with ideas for my homepage...

Monday, 21 September 2009

clean graffiti

A new type of graffiti has emerged using pressure cleaners to remove dirt from walls and pavements as a way of advertising.  Elle, Puma and Smartcar have all jumped on the bandwagon and used this new technique of 'green advertising' which is not illegal.  Its a good way of leaving a lasting impression, if nobody cleans the whole surface then the advert clever.

A new take on the highlighter pen by Marcador makes it easier to read highlighted text, simple but effective.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

how quaint?

These tasty little meringue rings, they are simply not made out of egg whites and sugar, but industrial grade silicone, the kind of stuff that's in your bathroom…

Designed by German designer Tanja Hartmann to look just like a little meringue. Luckily they are made out of silicone and not sugar and egg whites, because that makes them a lot more durable but not quite as tasty!

In any case, the ring comes in 3 sizes, which is handy (sorry about the puns!) because the silicone is stretchy.


S = 52-57 EU / 6-8 US
M = 58-64 EU / 8-11 US
L = 65-70 EU / 11-18 US