Thursday, 27 August 2009

digital lomography

Photography has always intrigued me however I find myself losing interest quickly as a result of over thinking how I am taking my photos- whether the composition and lighting is technically correct etc.  Lomography has become the focus for me where the simplicity and the uncertainty of the image adds to the excitement of developing the film.  The only rule when it comes to Lomography is that there is no rules, where you can take a photo without thinking about it.  This clearly appeals to me. 

The Digital Harinezumi is what I have been waiting for.  This clever little camera is not the most sleek and feature riddled but fulfills its purpose of taking digital lomographic images perfectly.  So now you can take amazing images and upload them directly on to your computer for everyone to see.

1 comment:

  1. I do think people over-think the composition when taking a photo and often results in them taking a hell of a lot of the same picture, I tend to do this. But when everyone had to use the spool camera there was that value of uncertainty because you never wanted to waste a picture so you just had to take the picture then wait and see what it looks like when you developed it. This, to me, is a little more excting haveing to wait before viewing your photography efforts.