Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Stage 2- PLAY...Note Holder

For the play stage I wanted to explore the different mediums of money so I looked into notes, cards and coins.  This idea was based on a money clip but would make it easier for the user to take out 1 note at a time instead of unclipping all the notes when they wanted to spend.

The initial prototypes were made to test the sizes of the notes and a way of securing them safely so they wouldn't fall out.  The images below are made from thin black foam, hand stitched round the edges, using a metal clip found on hangers.

After using foam I decided to experiment with different materials that could be bent.  I used a range of plastics in different thicknesses shown below.

For a quick experiment I tried steaming plywood testing its bending limitations.

After exploring the properties of plastic and wood, I decided to try and bend metal, this way the clip could be incorporated into the rest of the holder as one piece.

The Process:

(1) Started by heating the copper using a blow torch to soften it, then it was cooled with water.  
As a result of heating the copper, it left it blackened so it had to be placed in a bath of acid pickle (roughly the same acidity as vinegar) which removed the residue.

(2) The clip section was marked out then the copper sheet drilled in the top corner of the marking with a thin drill bit. 

(3) The marking for the clip shape was cut using a wire hacksaw by hand, then bent to the desired shape using pliers. 

(4) To bend the copper sheet it was place on a steel bed and bent by hand using a mallet.

(5) The final stage was to polish up the copper which was done using the buffer (like a roll of fine sand paper and water, similar to the rollers in a car wash!) 

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