Monday, 10 May 2010


"The investigation into how a Product Designer can meld Engineering and Fashion accessory design is an interesting premise. There has long been a British design tradition of constantly challenging and refining the boundaries between these 2 somewhat disparate disciplines. The Sprung project is a great example of this - the Designer has used her Engineering understanding to select a material which is both durable yet flexible; additionally the material is both tactile and attractive. When breaking new ground within design, a good understanding of the materials characteristics is essential - however these insights should not overshadow the need for the final product to be attractive and suitable. In this study, the final product displays all the attributes of an elegant, robust and desirable design solution, one that is born from engineering principles, to inhabit a desire lead marketplace."

Paul Yuille BSc (Hons) MA CSM

Deputy Head

International Recruitment and Development

London College of Fashion

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