Sunday, 28 June 2009

When I was on the bus into Dundee a couple of days ago the new 'Welcome to Dundee' caught my eye. It seems to be part of the plan to rebrand Dundee and its image to entice more people to the city to see what it has to offer.

As you see below the old sign was, terrible. The dated font and design of the logo would be enough for many to see then turn back at the next roundabout. Dare i say it it was tacky, and did not give the best first impression.

The new and improved logo however, sends out the right message.  Its simple font, splash of colour and the new tagline represent Dundee in a different light.  The actual sign as you arrive has a black background with white text, making it eye catching and more edgy.  With Dundee University putting itself on the map one of the best universities alongside Edinburgh and Glasgow, the message is clear that the old misconceptions of Dundee are changing.   

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