Monday, 29 June 2009

So since I have started my internship at NCR, I have met a whole new group of people. Anybody who knows me knows I am the worst person at remembering information about people I am even worse at matching a name to a face.  Designer Hideaki Matsui has come up with a concept, taking the basic principle of a greeting handshake and has made it in to a quirky yet practical design.

The idea is that every person would have their personal details saved on their ring, so when a handshake is made, their information can be transferred and saved.  The easy method of transferring information is followed through in the interaction of going through their details. Using the ring as a scroll mechanism to look through the different details, the user can gain enough information about a contact they have made to then contact them again.

Their picture is also displayed, so if like me your memory isn't quite up to scratch, you are able to avoid the awkward moment of speaking to someone a week after you met them and still not know their name, which trust me is awkward...

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